What is a wu li stone?

Patterns of organic energy.

I read a book a long time ago called, 'The Dancing Wu Li Masters.' It was a new agey type of book that tried to explain quantum physics to the non-physicist. This was before I learned the definition of a mystic: someone who wants to understand the universe but is too lazy to study physics. I found myself clearly in the camp of mystics.

Lately I find myself offended by all the woo masters who freely use the subject of quantum mechanics to describe their understanding of life. While I think there might be some merit to positive thinking and various other behaviorial 'sciences' (I'm looking at you, NLP), it is hardly in the realm of quantum theory.

Anyway, I cut the wu li stones to resemble the geometric characteristic of a crystal. A symbol of transformation, that perhaps we might have the power to transform the biota we were born with into something else if we so choose.