Welcome to the Sonoran Desert!

Arizona has been called many things; some true, some myth, some legend. I have called it home for the past 30+ years and don't expect to move away any time soon. While I never intended to grow roots here, there is something that has kept me in the desert southwest. The harsh summers, prickly flora, poisonous creatures, and great expanses of seeming nothingness tend to repel visitors at first glance. Rather, I have found that there is tremendous beauty in life that struggles to survive by resources that the desert environment sparingly provides. The long shadows of cacti against a big sky is downright mystical.

I enjoy the creative process, some favorite activities include shaping/polishing stones, writing software, or arranging words into thoughts. A few years ago the Gump feather landed on my shoulder and I started polishing stones for no particular reason. I think it was a nice respite from my primary occupation as a computer programmer. My mind can drift to the comforting hum of the grinding wheel after a long day working my aging brain. The end result being a lithic treasure, something that has taken the forces of nature millions of years to create, and will remain long after the human race has moved on.

While much of my rock collection has been personally collected from areas in the desert southwest region of the United States, I have also acquired interesting rocks from other parts of the country, as well as some that have been mined in other continents and brought to the United States. Regardless of origin, my rock collection is the result of 50 years of collecting interesting rocks and dragging them home.


-Evan B.